Tuesday, September 22, 2009

OCD & The News Can Make It Worse

Over the past several months, we have been inundated with bad news. Seems like every time I turn on the TV, someone else has passed, or some major tragedy has occurred. It has been one horrible year for news, especially in the entertainment industry. This year’s Academy Awards could use up the entire show for remembrances. My head is spinning from Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Natashia Richardson, David Carradine, The Travoltas, Ed McMahon, Walter Cronkite, Patrick Swayze - I could go on to fill up this entire page with people who have recently passed. I can’t even watch an Oxy Clean commercial without a feeling of horror. The media has saturated the airwaves with extensive coverage of all these events. This just brings home the reality right that we are mortal, and no matter how much money, fame, or riches we have, we are all the same in the end. It is a sobering realization.

Whether or not we are fans of these people is not the issue. The issue is that we cannot escape the torrent of despair that is raining down upon us. It seems to have a snowball effect. Bad news is emanating from the TV, radio, Internet, text messages, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Even my e-mail is filled with threatening chain letters saying I will be a victim of bad luck if I don’t forward it to 25 people. I delete all of them, but it’s ridiculous – I don’t need stress from e-mail. All this can become very depressing for everyone, but especially to emotionally sensitive people. Life is difficult enough at times just as it is, and besides the world news and the impact it has on society, many people have been hit hard by their own realities, and have been dealing with personal issues.

What we desperately need is a dose of good feelings. I wish that the local news would have a segment about happy things, but until it does, I will have to avoid it. I also refuse to read the horrible stories that have inundated my computer screen. Can’t someone give us a shot of hope and happiness? I wish that people would spread happy news the way they inform others about the bad things. If everyone did this, the mood of the collective consciousness would vastly improve.

I hope that everyone can find the happy things in their lives and focus on them. If you have any good news, please contact me.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

OCD and Today Is All There Is

I was sitting here and caught my mind drifting off to a September years ago when I had to go for medical tests (which eventually turned out fine, but caused me several weeks of terror, and ruined my month.) I think my mind automatically went to this scenario because it is once again September, and the cool weather triggered off this memory. I just realized that I am depressed for absolutely no good reason. A memory has done this to me.

Lately, I have been trying to catch myself from becoming immersed in negative emotions from the past, or worrying about the unknown of the future. If I think about all the time I’ve wasted due to lingering in bad memories, it may add up to years. I’ve also spend endless hours ritualizing, ruminating, worrying about the past and the future. How much of the present has been lost? Can it ever be recovered?

I must realize that the past is done and can’t be undone. I must realize the gift of the Present, the NOW. That is all there really is anyway. What’s good about that is that there is always a fresh NOW to become involved in. Right NOW is the best time in life to change the future. What we do NOW sets up the future. We can have hope, we do have choices. This applies to OCD as well as everything else.

I want to be aware of right now, and realize that it has absolutely no bearing on what was. The bad things are gone, so why relive them? I want to focus on the moment I am in. I’m trying to notice everything around me such as the sounds, the smells, and looking for happiness and beauty in whatever I am looking at. I am going to realize the abundance, not the lack.

If you are mindful, which means that you need to be vigilant of what you are thinking, and grateful for what is right now- what you do have, you won’t be so focused on what was wrong. Also, focusing on NOW takes away the worry about what may be. No more September blahs for me! I hope everyone has a fantastic September as well.