Thursday, December 20, 2012

12/21/12 -END OF THE WORLD?

Tomorrow stands to be a very interesting day in several ways. In the forefront, this is the day that Mayan calendar ends, and some people predict that means the end of the world. Looking around, I came across many websites completely dedicated to this. One of them is  Here I found a treasure trove of articles about the Mayan and Hopi prophecies, galactic alignment and consequential polar shift, the I Ching, Edgar Cayce- even Einstein, and it all points to a global disaster of epic proportions occurring on or near December 21, 2012. There is also something entitled The 11:11 prophecy- people that are drawn to those numbers are being given a signal, there is a message being sent to them. They are chosen to usher in the “Age of Aquarius,” a new spiritual beginning due to occur on 12/21/12.

Further research informed me there are people compiling survival kits, hoarding supplies, and stockpiling food and water. There is an “end of the world” countdown clock in Mexico, and an end of the world calendar for sale- “the last calendar you’ll ever need.” There are several end of the world blogs as well, and it seems as if  peopleare getting rich selling end of the world supplies from the Internet.

While some people may find this all amusing, others are severely stressed out. Some people with OCD or related disorders may be having a difficult time right now, ritualizing in order to stop the feared event. I came upon this article by Jay Michaelson- Michaelson says that we are being caught up in a general anxiety, which is being fed to us in the form of movies, and other media that are preying on our doubts and fears. As doubt and fear are huge components of OCD, it is easy to see how certain people can become really freaked out!

There are many other sites that state the world will NOT end, that the calendar marks an astronomical event, which is the earth in the center of our galaxy, but they weren’t as entertaining or dramatic as the doomsday ones. I did find out that the ancients knew quite a bit about Astronomy and I question where they got that advanced knowledge. However, I believe that since they wrote their calendars many thousands of years ago, all ancient civilizations simultaneously ended their calendars with earth in the galactic center, as the astronomical cycle would begin again. 

I don’t believe the world will end, or that anything will happen at all, except for what humans do to each other as the date approaches. Remember the Millennium and Y2K? I think we should realize that there are people who will try to take advantage of others at this time. Stop and think about this- if the end of the world is really coming and these people really believe it – why are they making lots of money? They are obviously planning for their futures. TV shows make money on advertising for these programs, and movies can rake in millions. 

So, to those of you who are worried about the end coming- stop and think about why there is so much commotion about it – MONEY- and money will be no good to anyone if the world ends, will it? I hope we all make lots of money this year and I hope you enjoy the New Year stress free. I wish everyone a GREAT 2013