Friday, August 14, 2009

OCD & Hell Is Not For Children

Last night I went to a Pat Benatar concert. After all these years, she is still smokin’ hot and can belt out a song just like she used to do. I think she is such a great, talented lady. She also had a message. She was telling a story about how she witnessed child abuse, and that it had such an effect on her that her song “Hell Is For Children,” was the result of her emotional experience.

There are many children suffering from physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse, and it is not always from their parents. Listening to her emotional rendition of that song brought me back to my grammar school days. I not only was a victim of abuse from some of my teachers, but I also witnessed kids getting hit with pointers, having their heads slammed into blackboards, and many other things, which I write about in my book. In religion class, some of the nuns threatened us with burning in hell if we didn’t obey. This triggered off many of my fears and OCD problems as a child.

Abuse comes in many forms, and parents as by no means always to blame. Children can be victims of teachers, care takers, siblings, as well as other children. Little children may be too young to be able to verbalize these atrocities. I hope that everyone can realize the signs of abuse, some of which can be; increased nervousness, sudden fears, ritualizing, drop in grades, loss of interest in activities, depression, and withdrawal from others. If we can raise awareness, we can save much suffering in this world..

Hell definitely is NOT for children. They all belong to heaven.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

OCD and Remember To Remember

Sometimes people can get stuck in a bad pattern of thinking. Something triggers a memory; a picture, a song, a scent, just about anything, and you can be transported back through time, reliving a bad thought over and over again. Becoming immersed in bad thoughts produces bad feelings, which ruin the present. Wrong thinking can also project you into an imagined bad future.

It’s important to be aware of these negative thought patterns. It is only your past conditioning that has made you become stuck in this bad thinking pattern. Your past bad thoughts are no longer real, but your mind does not know this, and it will again become your reality. Recognizing this, and bringing your thoughts to the present moment changes your emotions. By right thinking, you can consciously carry better thoughts with you throughout the day, which will make life much more enjoyable.

In the book, The Secret, Rhonda Byrne says “Remember to remember.” If thoughts begin drifting to a bad place, catch them before they ruin your moment or your day.“Remember To Remember,” and consciously bring better scenarios into your now. Get off Auto Pilot and control your own destiny.

Also, if children were taught how to do this at an early age, they could be spared much anxiety and stress. Being conscious of negative thoughts will enable them to live much better lives.