Wednesday, February 9, 2011

OCD and Tuning Your Inner Radio Signal

The mind is really no different than a radio. On the web site, “Big Site of Amazing Facts,” This is this description of how a radio works…

”At the radio studio, the sound waves of a program go into a microphone that has electrical current running through it. These sound waves create vibrations in the current as they travel through wires to a control room.

There, technicians control their volume and send them out through a transmitter. An antenna on the transmitter sends these electrical waves out through the air as radio waves. Radio waves travel through space in all directions, just as waves of water spread out when a pebble is dropped into it.

Each radio station is assigned a particular channel, or electrical path, by the Federal Communications Commission. This channel, called the station’s frequency, must be followed exactly.

You cannot see, hear, or feel radio waves in the air, but the radio in your home, which has an antenna either on the inside or outside, picks up these waves from many stations at the same time. By turning the tuning dial, you can select the station you want to listen to.

What happens is that the current in your radio tunes in to the same frequency as the radio waves sent out by the station you have chosen. An amplifier in your radio strengthens these radio waves, and the speaker changes them back into the original sound waves that went into the microphone in the studio."

The same laws of the universe that apply to radio waves apply to all thoughts. The mind, both conscious and subconscious, is just like radio - it picks up the vibrations from our thoughts and translates them into emotions, which will then dictate our life experiences. Once we feel an emotion from a thought, it affects us in much the same way we feel when we hear happy or sad music. The only difference is that many of us know how to tune a radio to the station we want, but don’t realize that we can also tune what is in our subconscious and conscious minds, which will create better moods and life experiences.

Why walk around with a sad song playing, or even the blank static that we hear on the radio when nothing is on? Be mindful of what “station” your mind is tuned to, and if you don’t like it, change it. Read inspirational writings, watch uplifting movies, put nurturing quotes where you can see them. And most importantly, seed your mind with what you want right before falling asleep- that is the most important time for subconscious tuning. Often, what we hear, read, or see as we fall asleep, ends up in our dreams, which affects us upon awakening and can make or break the entire day.

I hope that this helps, and that everyone is tuned into exactly the station that will make their own inner beautiful music!