Sunday, February 1, 2009

What Does A Person With OCD See?

I think that people with OCD see what many others don’t think about. Their sense of security is compromised because they realize that we are all precariously perched upon this earth. We are in a place where anything can happen, and it can be a scary thought. I think that most other people are focused on earthly matters, which is probably much better then the thoughts floating around in the heads of people with OCD. They won’t allow themselves to relax and have fun because they have to rescue and help themselves, loved ones, even pets from things that they are aware of that could go wrong. They have to perform seemingly ridiculous rituals to keep things safe. They feel as if they are the Gate Keepers, the Watchmen, scanning the horizon. They feel the crushing responsibility of protecting and keeping everything perfect.

My wish is that all people with OCD can experience calm and joy. I hope they will be able to feel like winter has just ended and spring is here with renewed hope. Let Happiness Bloom! I want people to break free of their trapped minds and pursue their dreams. I hope they are all good ones from now on.

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