Monday, May 18, 2009

OCD & The Economy

Many people are presently experiencing Economic Anxiety. It seems as if everywhere we look there is economic gloom and doom. Lately when I log onto my computer, I am greeted by headlines of stock market nosedives and watch lists for businesses that are expected to bite the dust very soon. The state of the economy seems to be the hot topic of discussion no matter where I go. It’s everywhere and unavoidable. I admit that this makes me a bit nervous.

This economic frenzy cannot be good for the mind and body. I’m sure it’s making a lot of people very nervous, and I know that it is exacerbating OCD in many people, as OCD gets worse in times of stress. I can just imagine the people out there who are frantic about paying their bills, or keeping their homes and jobs.

If your OCD was been acting up lately, perhaps it has something to do with the current financial crisis. Stop for a minute and think back over the past few months and assess your financial situation. If you have been feeling the current pinch, it may be linked to increased anxiety, tension, and for those of us with OCD, increased obsessions,compulsions, and rituals.

Just realize that we are all in the same situation. Also, I believe that the media is feeding off, and helping to create this frenzy. Frenzy sells more papers and causes people to watch more news shows. I think that things are not as bad as they would like you to believe. There are surely signs of financial stability that are overlooked.

If the economy upsets you, maybe you should limit exposure to the gloom and doom tactics of the media. Avoid the paper or news before bedtime if possible. This realization will hopefully make you feel better.

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Jill, Buffalo NY said...

Bess, as always, you have good, helpful and easy to understand contributions. I always enjoy reading your experiences, perspectives and suggestions. Thank you for sharing with us ways to view circumstances differently and in positive ways! Best to You!