Tuesday, March 10, 2009

OCD & Alaska Northern Lights

I use a light box throughout the winter, and write about it in my book OCD&ME. My light box is from www.alaskanorthernlights.com. One of my reasons for using their product is that Alaska Northern Lights does not use UV light, which is not necessary for Light Therapy. I discovered that many light boxes from other companies had full spectrum light, which includes UV light, the kind of light that may cause skin damage. My light box has broad spectrum light, which does not expose me to harmful radiation. I highly recommend Alaska Northern Light's products. The staff is friendly, reliable, and the customer service is excellent. It has been a pleasure talking to Jennifer Christie, who works for the company, about my experience with their light box. Visit www.alaskanorthernlights.com, where you can get more information.

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