Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Loss of a Pet- A Year Later

Remy, comfortable as usual
Loss of a Pet- A Year Later

All of a sudden this morning, I was feeling very depressed, a feeling I always dread coming over me. I caught my mind drifting off to August of last year when I lost my beloved cat, Remy, who was my constant companion for the previous 18 years. I think my mind automatically went to this sad scenario because it is once again August, and the coming anniversary of her loss triggered off the blues. I found myself holding back the tears. A bad memory did this to me.

Lately, I have been trying to catch myself from becoming immersed in negative emotions from the past, or worrying about the unknown of the future, so I became aware that my thoughts of Remy’s passing were upsetting me.  I then began to think about all the time I’ve wasted due to lingering in bad memories- it may add up to years. I’ve also spent endless hours ritualizing, ruminating, worrying about the past and the future. How much of the present has been lost? Can it ever be recovered? That thought was not cheering me up either, just causing me to feel even more disheartened.

Unfortunately, the past is over and can’t ever be changed, so why wallow in it? We should realize the extraordinary gift of the Present, right now. That is all there really is anyway. The only thing that will come out of lingering over bad memories are more bad memories. That is the law of the Universe- you end up with more of whatever you think and feel.  Now is the best time in life to change the future because what we think and do right now sets up the future. We can have hope, we do have choices if we involve ourselves in what is going on, instead of being stuck on Auto Pilot, obsessing over previous hurts.

If you are find yourself in a bad mood over the past loss of your pet or for any other past hurt, command your mind to return to the present and focus on the moment you are in. Notice everything around you such as the sounds, the smells, and look for happiness and beauty in whatever you are looking at. Realize the abundance, not the lack. 

If you are in this unfortunate position, and many people are, try to focus on the abundance of good times had with beloved pets, not the short period of bad memories. Remy had a great spirit and a commanding presence, and was always healthy, happy, and confident, no matter what. Even though she was a cat, I always admired that about her. Knowing her, she wouldn’t want me to be upset- she surely wouldn’t be! I hope I will see her eyes once again in another animal that I fall madly in love with. In the meantime, I will shower more affection on my remaining cat, Squeaky Mouse, who has been a good companion to me, especially this past year.

If you are mindful, vigilant of what you are thinking, and grateful for what is right now- what you do have, you won’t be so focused on past hurts. Also, focusing on NOW takes away the worry about the future. I hope there will be no more August blahs for me, and I hope you all have a great August too!

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