Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OCD & Can Human Energy Manipulate Electronics?

Can human energy manipulate electronics- and what effect do electronics have on people? Some people claim electronic devices freeze or malfunction when they are near, or emotional. This is a something I have been wondering about for a long time. It is one of those controversial subjects- some people believe it and others think it is total quackery.

I found this interesting, as I have personally experienced "electronic madness" and increased OCD symptoms during emotional times. I thought perhaps it was because I became so nervous that I wasn't operating my electronics correctly, causing them to misbehave. But how would that affect lights that blew out? Some people who know me will attest to this happening.

Also, lately it seems as if everything I touch generates a nasty shock, and not just in winter. I found out that this is because of a build up in the “electric field strength” which interacts with electrons and ions. I guess my personal electric field conducts the air around me more than others.

 There is much well-known evidence that people can manipulate their personal energy, but does this translate into manipulating electronics? Personally, I studied Tai Chi for many years, and the principal was to move your “Chi,” your personal energy, above the waist so it can flow through you and give you strength and energize you. I also took Yoga, which is about “Prana,” – the vital, life-sustaining energy force that nourishes the body. I could feel my energy move around while in a Yoga pose, and after practicing Tai Chi I could feel the energy in the palms of my hands, like a magnet.

I found this site, where the author, Kala Ambrose,, answers a readers question. the following is from her blog and the picture of the human energy fields is from her web site…

 "Thanks for writing with a most intriguing question. You ask – “Are there people who can affect clocks, etc without knowing it”?...The short answer is Yes and it has been studied, researched and discussed by people in both the spiritual and scientific realms.

"As an intuitive, I’ve seen auras since childhood. Over the years, I began to study what I saw in the aura, observing the energetic patterns and shapes as well as short energy bursts that I would see erupting from the body, similar to what occurs when the sun emits a solar flare. These energetic bursts are capable of disrupting electronics and are felt by other people who have intuitive ability and are sensitive to energy. Some people are aware of the energy they can build and for others it is a complete surprise when it occurs.

 I receive reports each year from people who have experiences including turning street lights on and off as they pass by them. Others affect the performance of radios, clocks, computers and televisions or cause lights, security alarms and other electronics in their home to turn off and on repeatedly. For many years, I was not able to wear a watch, as invariably, when I did, the watch would malfunction or stop completely.

There are a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual reasons for why this happens. For some people, it occurs only when their emotions are running very high and for others it was a random event occurring only when they were going through puberty. Some of these people are tapping into what is described in parapsychology as psychokinesis/telekinesis (PK/TK). While there are skeptics who will say that the human body is not capable of affecting these fields, those who have experienced doing so first hand see the results…

A form of psychokinesis/telekinesis was recently featured in the film with George Clooney entitled The Men Who Stare at Goats, which focused on the US Army’s research into psi abilities. Another example would be the fictional book and film by Stephen King entitled Carrie, which displayed an extreme and negative show of psi ability with PK/TK force."

There has also been notable scientific parapsychological research on what is known as “The Pauli Effect.” This is about Wolfgang Pauli, a well known physicist.  Seems that Pauli and I have something in common…

From the website  I found out that The Pauli Effect “ is a phenomenon that was greatly feared among Pauli's colleagues, particularly the experimental physicists: the "Pauli Effect". The latter manifested itself in that technical installations would unexpectedly fail in the presence of Pauli: experiments were unsuccessful, machines gave up the ghost, apparatus was broken. Otto Stern is said to have forbidden Wolfgang Pauli to enter his institute for fear of such malfunctions. Pauli himself was conscious of this peculiar talent and was delighted with such comic events.

I found this to very thought provoking and interesting. I recently watched a show titled ‘Superhumans,” where a man could make metal objects stick to him. He was scrutinized in a secure laboratory environment, and was deemed to be “authentic.” It is a well known fact that high electromagnetic fields can cause nervousness. In researching, I came upon web sites that claim there are electronic weapons using electromagnetic energy that can freak people out, and even burn houses down. Who really knows what humans are capable of doing?

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Anonymous said...

Hello my name is ron i have been suffering from severe ocd and a few other disorders for around 10 to 12 years now but suddenly after 2 to 3 years every single electronic gadget i buy like phone airconditioner tv etc tends not to work properly and malfunctions but i dont have any instances where they are temporary. they permanantly malfunction giving different problems and i have to take it to the service centre and they have to replace the mother board battery etc but in the end sometimes the problem persists this seems to happen to every single electronic item i buy . however i do not have any instances such as mentioned in ur article like lights malfunctioning going on and off problem with watches etc.... please help me find an answer and how to rectify this