Wednesday, June 9, 2010

OCD and Your Thoughts are Like Music

We have thousands of thoughts every day. Most of us are unaware them because they usually come and go so quickly. Whatever you think of the most eventually turns into a feeling, which gets transmitted to the universe in the form of vibrations. These vibrations are like music, and the universe will read your symphony and harmonize with it. In effect, what you send out, you will get back. This is why it is very important to keep vigil on thought, and what gets filtered through the mind. If left unchecked, bad thoughts can randomly flow and send out bad vibes which are picked up by universal energy which matches them and gives us more of the same. What you may not realize is that your mind is your inner orchestra.

All of our personal symphonies are being broadcast 24 hours a day. We are responsible for playing the right tunes – ones that make us happy, not the mental music that saddens or agitates us. We need to play tunes that soothe and uplift us – happy, harmonizing tunes. Even if we can’t sit down and write a piece of beautiful music, we are all capable of consciously having a pleasant thought and generating beautiful mental music. We can write the play list every morning.

A mind that is not in the present is like an orchestra without a conductor. All the instruments needed to play a beautiful melody are present, but there is no one there to organize and keep the rhythm. If we leave our inner orchestra unmanned, what comes over the airwaves will be out of our control- static and unpleasant noise. These are our negative run-away thoughts, which always turn into negative emotions; fear, anger, anxiety, insecurity, etc. I hope that you could be aware that if you are not in the NOW, no one will be conducting your inner orchestra and it will be forever out of tune. Be present and see that when you stand in front and pick up the baton, you can create the most beautiful music. Your life can be more harmonious and beautiful then you ever could have imagined!

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