Monday, November 9, 2009

OCD and Depression and Medication

OCD takes a huge toll on the body, both mentally and physically. One of the worst side effects of OCD is depression. Like the recent TV commercial says, “Depression hurts.” It may help if you notice your physical symptoms. You may get body aches, headaches or stomachaches, which you may not realize is depression-related.

Speaking of TV commercials, we have been inundated with ads for depression medications, which promise relief from this distressing, debilitating disorder. Do they really work??

Recently, I have had the pleasure of corresponding with David, who has written articles about depression and antidepressant medications. He told me that 30% of college students are on antidepressant medications, which I found to be a shockingly large amount.

I share many of his views on the topic.

Here are some of the links that he sent me:

Treatment for Depression, What we Know « Health and Life

Do Antidepressants Work as Promised? « Health and Life

I also share David's view about the side effects of certain drugs - this one especially, which David also sent...

Problems with Abilify for Depression « Health and Life

Of course, medication my be necessary for some people, but at least, know what may be involved.

Also, there are several non-prescription remedies that can really help to relieve depression, and may make prescription drugs unnecessary. I will go into these in a future blog.

Thank you, David, for your very valuable insights!

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