Sunday, April 5, 2009

OCD & Your Vinyl Floor

I believe that there is a link between environmental toxins and OCD and the related disorders, such as autism and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). We are being bombarded by an assortment of man-made chemicals which are saturating our environment and polluting the air and our bodies, such as plastics, artificial fragrances, scented detergents, artificial coloring, artificial sweeteners, and way too many more for me to list here. These artificial pollutants are especially damaging to children, and could be affecting young brains and bodies in a negative way. Some research I did said:

“A preliminary new study from Sweden suggests that children who live in homes with vinyl flooring are more likely to have autism. The plastics used to make vinyl flooring can emit chemicals called phthalates, previously shown to contribute to allergies and asthma, and now suspected of playing a role in the development of autism. The study found that infants and toddlers who had vinyl bedroom floors (common in Sweden) were twice as likely to be autistic five years later than kids with wood floors. Scientists are still not sure which biological and environmental factors cause autism, which is dramatically on the rise, and urged further research.”

“In the last few decades, scientists have pointed out possible factors that may lead to the occurrence of ADHD. Some of these possible factors are brain injury, heredity, environmental toxins, maternal smoking and drug use or exposure of the mother to environmental toxins during pregnancy, and sugar and food additives.”

“If one identical twin has OCD, there is a 13 percent chance that the other twin will not be affected. This supports the idea that genes are only part of the cause of OCD. Other factors are also important. It may be a viral infection that occurs at a critical point in a child's development, or perhaps an exposure to an environmental toxin.”

I think that by being aware of the toxins around us, and by using natural products whenever possible, we can eliminate many mental and physical disorders in ourselves, and more importantly, our children.


James Markardt said...

Being in the child care profession i have found food dyes to be a big factor in a child's behavior.One such is red dye and if you watch that he/she does not consume any the behavior is much more manageable

jenflora said...

New jersey has a high level of autism. They say the odds of having a child with autism is 1 out of 98. That's not good